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I respond if you say “Edward Phelps.” I manage website, App, and software development projects. When I’m not doing that I write, consult, read, run, travel, and generally enjoy life’s awesomeness.

Free SSL At Last

More websites can be secure with Free SSL certificates from Let's Encrypt.
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Pricing Development Services

Recently I got this question from a leading software development team manager about how to price development services: “I wanted to ask you a business question, …when you are consulting for web development firms, how do they structure their pricing? Were most projects...
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When Is A Change A Change?

Change is a natural process. Especially on development projects. Development project Changes arise organically when new information is presented and when new understandings evolve, and new requests are made. Not only is Change a natural part of the development...
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Keys To Effective Scope Management

These scope management practices are effective at highlighting changes as they happen, and empowering Clients with clear choices.
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My Cool Flowchart Symbols Omnigraffle Stencil

I designed the Cool Flowchart Symbols Omnigraffle stencil to make software process flowcharts beautiful. It features beautiful symbol designs for processes, hardware, software, and popular document types. I created this stencil because I wanted to create beautiful...
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