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Ed Phelps

Visionary. Designer. Author.

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Thinker since birth.
Apple since 1983.
PHP since 1992.
Drupal since 2005.


Award winning  designer of branding, environmental, exhibition, print, video, web and interactive communications.



Writer and communicator of enriching and enlightening observations and perspectives.

Ed’s Story

Ed Phelps lives in awe of each moment. The pleasures, treasures, triumphs, fears, and challenges he has enjoyed and overcome form a rich fabric of experience and perspective that he applies to address new opportunities.

  • Visionary 100%
  • Designer 70%
  • Author 30%
Awesome Design Tools and Resources

Awesome Design Tools and Resources

Designers and marketers are constantly seeking quality design tools and resources to help them create the next great promotion. Be it a poster, flyer, or advertisement, quality graphics play a big role in any effective communication. Here are a few really awesome...
Think Different SMBs

Think Different SMBs

There are tons of articles, and tutorials, and information in general about marketing best practices for businesses. But small businesses (SMBs) beware that the majority of the strategies most readily available are for big brands and not SMBs. SMBs have completely...

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